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About Xuchang University

Xuchang University (XCU) is one of the oldest public universities in Henan province. In 1907 Xuchang Teachers’ learning House was established. In 1911, it was changed into Xuchang Teachers’ School. During the Republic of China (1912-1949) it was called Henan Provincial Xuchang Teachers’ School. After the founding of new China, it had developed rapidly, and in 1958 it was approved to be Xuchang Teachers’ School. Later, it was revised to be Secondary Teachers’ School and in 1978 Xuchang Teachers’ College was founded. In 2002, it was approved to become a provincial university.

Xuchang University offers more than 59 excellent undergraduate majors to more than 23,000 full-time students. Currently, there are one-semester (or shorter) Chinese Language Program, one-year (or two years) Chinese Language Program and four-year Program for International students studying on the XCU campus.

XCU welcomes international students, and the richness in diversity that they bring to our campus. XCU’s campus is situated in Xuchang, Henan Province, a quiet and safe medium-sized city located just about 80 kilometers from our provincial capital, Zhengzhou.

Xuchang is one of the ancient capitals of China. In 220, Cao Cao's son and successor Cao Pi officially declared the city as the capital of the newly established state of Cao Wei. The city was renamed "Xuchang", meaning "Xu Rising".

With its Three Kingdoms’ culture and pleasant natural environment, Xuchang has been awarded the titles of “Excellent Tourism City” “Garden City” “Clean City” of the state-level. Xuchang is located within two hours by car from the world-renowned Shaolin Temple and the legendary Luoyang Longmen Caves. Mild climate of Central China provides Xuchang with full four seasons: bright summers, long and warm springs and autumns, and outstanding, covered in snow palm trees during the wintertime. The system of boat-navigated channels gives Xuchang an unique image of beautiful small Chinese Venice.

The library of XCU is a major integrated database in our city. The collection of the library consists of 1,840,000 volumes, 168,900 digital books and over 1,800 titles of newspapers, 33,972 magazines and journals in both Chinese and foreign languages. Sports facilities here are in perfect condition. Both synthetic turf and natural grass athletic fields, tennis courts and other gymnasiums, stadiums and sport grounds are being built and perfected.

Also, XCU has a team of teaching staff with high quality and reasonable structure. Among above 1300 staff members, there are more than 360 professors, 2 National Excellent Teachers, 1 winner of National Labor Medal, 1 National Advanced Individual of Teacher's Ethics, 1 Henan’s teaching well-known master, 2 teachers selected in the New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan of Ministry of Education, 1 teacher selected in the Technological Innovation Talents Supporting Plan of Henan Province, 7 teachers selected in the Technological Innovation Talents Supporting Plan of Colleges and Universities in Henan Province.

Therefore international students are well-received here and excel academically, socially, athletically, and otherwise. You will find Xuchang University to be a warm, friendly and safe place, ideal for pursuing your formal academic training and Chinese studying. You will be challenged and inspired, supported and encouraged in all you find here, from the classroom to campus life to lifelong friends to your own emerging self.

In summary, XCU is an excellent choice for international students. Please review the details of our university carefully and contact us. We look forward to seeing you on our campus.

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