Study in Xuchang University Study in

Expense in Xuchang University

Tuition fees, accommodation fees and scholarships


Chinese Language Study

one month

CNY 2,000 Yuan

one semester

CNY 5,000 Yuan

one year

CNY 10,000 Yuan


Diploma/Degree Education


per year

CNY 15,000-18,000 Yuan

Note: We offer provincial scholarship and university scholarship for some excellent overseas students (For more information please refer to Scholarship).


All the students are accommodated in the Overseas Students’ Dormitory and charged CNY 600 Yuan (including electricity and water) each person one month. The dormitory is located on campus. Rooms are non-shared with a separated bathroom. Every room is equipped with an air conditioner, a washing machine, a water heater and a fast Internet connection.


Physical Examination


CNY 330 Yuan


Charged according to actual fees

Residence permit

About CNY 400 Yuan (for one year)

According to different countries


CNY 300 Yuan

According to actual cost

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